3_students_halls.jpgPhysical Education is a required three year course offered in the ninth through the eleventh grades. A fourth year may be elected. During the course the student is encouraged to select from a wide variety of skills and activities (see below). The course is designed to give the student flexibility of topic and activity. This is accomplished by inviting the student, quarterly where possible, to elect alternatives in the curriculum.

Health Topics
- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  Certification (American Red Cross)
- First Aid Certification
  (American Red Cross)

Team Activities
- Basketball
- Box Football
- Floor Hockey
- Lacrosse (McWhipit)
- Soccer
- Touch Football
- Volleyball
- Wallyball
- Whiffleball

Individual and Dual Activities
- Aerobics
- Badminton
- Bowling (candle pin)
- Ice Skating
- Nautilus
- Pickleball
- Table Tennis
- Yoga