Hebrew Scriptures

Hebrew Scriptures is a full year course required of all freshman students. Taking a multidimensional approach, Hebrew Scriptures is introduced in a number of ways: as a historical document, as the foundation of Catholicism, as the primary sacred text of Judaism, and the revelation of God through human history. Students are exposed to selected readings and themes from the Old Testament. Focus is placed on relating themes that are common to the Old Testament and contemporary religious and social concerns. Students are encouraged to look at the past for answers to 21st century issues, and look at the origins of our religious beliefs and their relevancy in today’s society as the line of the Covenant is traced from Abraham to the birth of Christ.

Christian Scriptures

students_in_church_row.jpgChristian Scriptures is a full year course required of all sophomore students. The mystery of Jesus is revealed as the historical Jesus emerges. This course serves a bridge between the Old and New Testaments as the Old Testament prophecies are fulfilled through the realities of Jesus. Emphasis is placed on the Messianic expectations of the Old Testament, the Infancy Narratives, Jesus the person, the miracles of Jesus and the teachings of Jesus. Scripture is read within the living Tradition of the Church and attention is given to the message of Scripture, which leads to a deepening of faith. This course is consistent with the body of truths taught by the Catholic Church.

Morality and Social Justice

Morality and Social Justice is a full year course required of all junior students. An introduction to ethics and a survey of Church history introduces this course. Major historical influences that have contributed to the development and reform of the Church’s view on social justice issues are presented. Special emphasis is placed on the emergence of both mendicant and monastic religious orders, innovators in the field of world peace and individual peace respectively. The course aims to heighten each individual’s awareness of specific social justice issues of today. These include human dignity, family life, discrimination, racism, sexism, poverty, peace and war, ecology, corporate ethics, political oppression, and sexual identity. The primary goal of this course is to stimulate each individual to a higher level of consciousness, helping each one to cultivate an active compassion for the victim.

Catholic Spirituality and the World Religions

Catholic Spirituality and World Religions is a full year course required by all senior students. This course examines Catholic spirituality, Christian lifestyles, and a survey of the world’s religions. The students will explore Judaism, Islam, Zoroastrianism, Native religions, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Shintoism. The Christian spiritual journey is explored in order to aid the individual student’s faith journey while navigating the modern consumer society. Throughout the year, the course focuses on themes which strive to build self-esteem, promote a healthy faith-filled lifestyle, encourage meaningful relationships and provide guidance in journeying with God in prayer and service. Vocations of the single, married and religious life are explored throughout the year.