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At St. Joseph Central High School we provide our students with a supportive team to help them make better decisions: decisions that affect outcomes for years to come, decisions that build friendships, values and help to set lifelong goals for learning. We work with each student to help him or her to navigate many of the complex decisions faced by young adults, including career direction, college application and relationships.

We are here for our students, to nurture, support and advocate.

FACT: St. Joseph Central High School has a 100% graduation rate! 

FACT: In 2015, St. Joseph Central High School graduates were awarded $893,325. in scholarship monies!
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Guidance Services

Academic, Personal and Social Growth and Development, and College and Career Preparation and Planning
The overall purpose of the Guidance Department is to provide direction and counseling to each student in the areas of college and career planning, academics and personal and social growth and development. The objective is to work effectively with each student in developing a plan for success in academics, and in addressing personal and social issues and college or career planning. By the time a student graduates, it is expected that he or she will have a plan and/or place to continue in the next phase of his or her life.

2_kids_in_class.jpgCommitted to Each Student as a Unique Individual and a Focus on Future Objectives
The Guidance Department is committed to each student as a unique individual. The counselors challenge, encourage and support each student to reach his or her highest level of achievement. Every effort is made to instill in each student a sense of self-esteem, cooperation, social responsibility and self discipline. We call on each student to capitalize on his/ her strengths while we assist in academic, social and personal development. Guidance encourages each student to focus on future objectives and to strive to become self-directed learners.

Guidance Communicates Individual Needs and Builds Positive Working Relationships between School, Staff and Home
Guidance counselors read all student files thoroughly prior to the beginning of each new school year. Information regarding students' individual needs is provided to teachers on an individual basis. Student information is received from a variety of sources and is made available to teachers. Students can be better served in the classroom when teachers are aware of their needs. The guidance office shares relevant student information regarding academic, social, family or health related issues that may impact classroom performance. Guidance has a good relationship with the Pittsfield Public Schools Special Education Department who will test students to determine if they may be better served if an Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan is put in place. In order for students to be successful, the Guidance Department works closely with parents.

Guidance Department
Director of Guidance
Tammi Dunham
(413) 447-9121

Diane Dinan